How will COVID-19 impact NBOCA reporting?

The patient cohort included in the 2020 annual report pre-dates the pandemic and so the results within the 2020 annual report are unaffected. However, due to existing pressures on providers during the intital phase of the pandemic we were unable to do our usual data checking process, and this is why there is more incomplete data for this reporting period than we would usually expect.

The 2021 report will include patients diagnosed primarily between 01 April 2019 and 31 March 2020. The pandemic will have started to have an impact during this period, and there will be an even larger impact in the 2022 report. The audit will review its statistical methods so that the impact of COVID-19 can be identified and distinguished from the typical results.

Data on colorectal cancer outcomes during COVID-19 and the recovery phase will not be used for benchmarking of providers nor for the Clinical Outcomes Publication.