Data entry for 2018 reporting

First submission deadline for the 2018 Annual Report and 2018 COP is 6 October 2017. Second submission deadline is 26 January 2018. This is for patients diagnosed 1 Apr 2016 to 31 Mar 2017.

For the 2018 annual report the first data submission deadline is 6 October 2017. The second data submission deadline for allowing patients to be linked to HES/PEDW and ONS mortality data is 26 January 2018. Initial results will be sent to trusts after this deadline so that any incomplete or incorrect data can be updated. Any new cases added after the 26 January deadline cannot be included in the outcomes for outlier reporting in the 2018 Annual Report or Clinical Outcomes Publication because they will not be linked to HES/PEDW or ONS mortality data.