Organisational survey results 2017

Table of facilities available at each trust/MDT according to an organisational survey carried out in 2017.

Further information for patients:

It is important to remember that the facilities available on-site at a trust are not the only factor in providing optimal care to patients. It is to be expected that not all services are offered on-site by all English Trusts and Welsh MDTs.

It is hoped that the information provided here will help patients think about the questions they may like to ask their medical team.  A colorectal cancer patient may not need the full range of services shown in the table but they will be able to see how far they may have to travel if they do need a service which cannot be provided locally. The medical team caring for the patient will be able to give some advice as to which services may be needed during treatment, although patients need to be aware that this may have to change as treatment progresses.

Organisational survey results 2017

Last updated: 22 June 2021, 9:22am