NBOCA resources for professionals and the public, including clinical guidelines, leaflets, documentation and user guides


Quality Improvement Resources

A resource providing links to Quality Improvement methods and tools, as well as National Quality Improvement programmes.

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NBOCA Outlier Policy

This policy sets out the actions that NBOCA takes when data indicate that results for a Trust/MDT or consultant significantly deviate from the expected value for outcomes published as part of the Clinical Outcomes Publication and/or Annual Report.

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NBOCA Privacy/Fair Processing Notice

The NBOCA Privacy/Fair Processing Notice describes how and why we obtain, store and process patient-level data. We are committed to protecting your personal information and being open and transparent about how it is used.


NBOCA Data Flows

Overview of data flows and linkages for NBOCA (now part of the GI Cancer audit)

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Patient Information Leaflet

Information for patients about the aims of the National Bowel Cancer Audit, how patient data is kept safe and what patient data is used for.